Battery Care & Replacement

Old, weak car batteries leak acid causing serious damage to electrical components like wiring and computers

All vehicles need a good battery to start and run well. The latest vehicles increasingly rely on computers to run every electrical system, and these computers need clean, consistent power to not only allow your car to start but keep running. Car batteries that are old, weak and leaking acid can cause serious damage to electrical components like wiring and computers.

Here at AutoEdge, our technicians can perform a health check on your battery every time you come in for any auto repairs or maintenance. Even if your battery is testing OK, we’ll still recommend replacing it around 5 years old just to make sure you always get where you’re going; nobody wants to be left stranded!.

How can you determine if you need a new battery? Below are some of the symptoms of a weak automotive battery

Engine cranks slower than normal
Clicking sound when turning the key to start
Headlights dim when using electrical devices
Visible liquid or corrosion build up around battery terminals
Bulging battery case on the sides
Date code on battery case shows 4 years old

Why AutoEdge?

  • Low wait times & walk-ins welcome
  • Labour costs up to $25/hr less than local competitors
  • Master Technicians with Expertise in all makes & models
  • Climate controlled service drop off area
  • i-Fi, coffee, meeting rooms & a friendly atmosphere
  • Location -  close to local shopping at Bells Corners
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