Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light is what?

A check engine light can come on for several different reasons. It might be something as simple as your gas cap not properly screwed on, but it could also mean something more serious. That's why it's important to have it diagnosed as soon as possible to ensure you don't make a small problem worse. Here at AutoEdge, we have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to ensure you and your vehicle stay safe.

Below are a few common reasons for the Check Engine Light to come on...

Oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor monitors the oxygen level in the exhaust as it leaves the engine and helps maintain an optimal air/fuel mix. A failing sensor can affect your gas mileage.

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter keeps your car environmentally-friendly by changing carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Driving with a failing catalytic converter can cause your car to produce harmful emissions.

Spark plugs or plug wires

The spark plugs and plug wires play a key role in the combustion process. Failing spark plugs or wires can cause you to experience a loss of power, engine misfires and poor gas mileage.


Your thermostat helps regulate your car’s temperature. If it malfunctions, your car may overheat which can cause further damage to your engine.

Mass air flow sensor

The mass air flow sensor measures the amount of air coming into the engine. Your car’s computer uses the information to inject the correct amount of gas into each cylinder. Failing to get it fixed can result in rough idling and poor fuel efficiency.

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