Detailing Services

Detailing Packages & A La Carte Services

Bring back the new car feel!

Your car has been your second home, your home away from home.  You've escaped in your vehicle and you've hidden in it too. (we all have). Give your vehicle the T.L.C it deserves for being your companion throughout the years.


Vehicles are subjected to a lot of adverse conditions like winter and construction. In extremely cold winter temperatures combined with salt can take a toll on your vehicle. The season of construction also brings extreme temperature changes and dirt/grime from the construction around every corner. Your paint also undergoes stress with the changing environment.  Grease and dirt buildup lead to wearing out of moving parts and excess heat in the engine compartment may cause much bigger problems down the road.

Detailing Packages Starting at $109.99

Bronze - $109.99

  • Exterior wash
  • Interior wipe down (multi-purpose cleaner)
  • Window clean
  • Door jam wipe down
  • Interior vacuum
  • Tire shine

Silver - $229.99

  • Everything in Bronze     +
  • Interior and Carpet shampoo

Gold - $569.99

  • Everything in Bronze and Silver     +
  • Engine shampoo
  • Exterior buff & polish
A La Carte Services: Buff Headlamps, Interior Shampoo, Salt Stain Removal, Wax/Clay Bar, Tree Sap Removal, Engine Shampoo