Parts & Accessories

Accessorize Your Vehicle Inside Out

Make your vehicle your own with parts & accessories

At AutoEdge, we have parts & accessories for every driver and passenger.  Add accessories to your vehicle's cabin to make it your own or boost your engine performance to suit your needs.

We offer parts and accessories designed to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle's existing systems.  Our technicians can install these onto your vehicle or you may choose to buy the product from us.

Provincewide Shutdown

The service department is open Monday to Friday, 8 am - 4 pm/CLOSED Sat (until further notice) & Sunday. We are happy to accommodate guests who require a service appointment on the same day.

We offer complimentary Home Servicing within a 15kms radius, Free pick up and drop-off for your vehicle servicing at your booked appointment time. Give us a call or Book an Appointment, don't forget to mention that you would like at-home servicing.

Phone: 613-380-3343(EDGE)


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