Lifetime Brake Pads Guarantee for $9.95

Your car needs a Brake Inspection if:

  • Brake pedal feels spongy
  • Steering wheel is shaking
  • Brakes are grinding, squeaking or squealing
  • Car is wobbling or pulsating when you drive at highway speeds

Our technicians will perform a 6-step process & deliver a report with recommendations for the safety of your vehicle.

What do Brake Pads do?

When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the caliper clamps the brake pads against each side of the brake rotor, creating friction and slowing your vehicle down.

Brake pads must create the proper amount of friction to deliver smooth stopping performance with a minimum of noise while operating under the harshest conditions.

When to service?

Brake service should be performed according to the manufacturer’s required maintenance schedule. This will help reduce premature wear and abnormal brake noise during brake application.

Lifetime Guarantee Brake Pads Failure Replacement – Average Savings of $115


$9.95 with Purchase of Front or Rear Brakes and $18.95 with Purchase of Both Front and Rear Brakes.

When you press the brake pedal, the friction material on the brake pad is pushed against the discs to create resistance in the rotation of the discs, forcing the wheels and tires to slow or stop the vehicle.

Every time the brakes are used, a small portion of material or “lining” is worn off. Eventually, the thickness of the material will begin to wear down, requiring replacement.

Depending on driving habits, operating conditions, vehicle usage and proper maintenance, the wear of your brake pads will vary. Regular inspection & servicing are important to maintain the wear of your brake pads.


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