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We have the experience and time to get you the best deal in Ottawa.
We service vehicles of all makes & models!


Every $ counts, especially these days. Therefore we provide customers with an option to get the best deal on repairs.

If you have a quote from your dealer for an expensive service repair, call us at (613) 380-3343 or visit our dealership to get a no-obligation price quote for the same service!

AutoEdge Service center
AutoEdge Service center

Some of the car repairs and services we offer

Brake Failure

Tire Blowouts


Wheels bearing issue causing problems

Overheating of the Engine

Spark Plug

Factory Recommended Scheduled Maintenance

Steering and Suspension

Check Engine Light

Brakes Grinding

Broken Headlights and Tailight glass

Transmission Service

Oil Changes

Exhaust System Issues

Alternator Failure

Engine Misfiring

AC System

Damaged Suspension causing alignment issues

Windshield Repair

Tire Repair and Swaps

Electrical Issues

Malfunctioning Wipers

Fuel Injection

Ignition System

Steering Wheel and Rack Mount Issues


Remote Starter

Cooling System Issues

0% service financing on service repairs at AutoEdge

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