AutoEdge is the latest addition to the Tony Graham Automotive Group - a family-owned enterprise that has serviced & sold vehicles in Ottawa for over 50 years. We service & repair all makes and models at a fraction of the cost. AutoEdge has the capacity and the expertise to service your vehicle efficiently and professionally.

Now Offering: Complimentary at Home Servicing

Within a 15kms radius, we now offer free pickup and drop-off for your vehicle servicing. Give us a call or Book an Appointment mention that you would like at-home servicing. Our team will give you a call to confirm the appointment and arrange for the pick up from your home. The service team will be in touch with you throughout the appointment time with updates and approvals if needed. Once the work is complete, your vehicle will be sanitized and dropped back to you.

Why Service at AutoEdge?

  • Fourteen Service Bays - Low wait times & walk-ins welcome
  • Labour costs upto $25/hr less than local competitors - Regular warranty compliant maintenance services at a lower cost. 
  • Master Technicians - Automotive Expertise in all makes & models
  • Climate controlled service drop off area - Stay warm in the winter
  • Amenities - Wi-Fi, coffee, meeting rooms & a friendly atmosphere. 

COVID 19 Safety Measures

At the AutoEdge service drive-thru, we have undertaken new protocols to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. As you approach the service drive-thru, the doors will open.

Once you exit the vehicle we will sanitize the common areas inside your vehicle. This includes:
- Door handles (inside and out)
- Seat controls (on the side or below the driver's seat)
- Seat belt and seat belt buckles
- Steering Wheel
- Center Console
- Steering wheel mounted controls
- Shifter
- Park brake lever/control
- Start Button (if equipped)

Service Promotions

Climate-Controlled Tire Storage – $54 Only

Extreme temperatures can damage your tires. We tag & store tires in a climate-controlled facility.
The cost of Tire-Storage also includes tire insurance so you are always ready for the season. Read about our recommended winter check-list for your vehicle here. Read More

Increase the life of your tires – $119.95 Wheel Alignment

Driving on properly aligned tires can help improve the safety of your vehicle, help increase the gas mileage you’re able to achieve, and often makes for a smoother ride.
Your vehicle needs the alignment checked after you put new tires on or any time unusual tire wear patterns appear. You might also want to get the alignment checked after you hit something very hard (like a curb or pothole in ) or get into an auto accident, even just a fender bender. Read More

Your car needs some T.L.C – Detailing Packages from $67.99

Give your car the T.L.C it needs with an exterior hand wash, interior wipe down, carpet shampoo, windows, door jams, exterior buff and polish. Choose from our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages to fit your need.

Free Six-Step Brake Inspection – FREE (Value $55)

You need a brake inspection if the brake pedal feels spongy, steering wheel is shaking, bar is wobbling or pulsating when you drive at highway speeds. This means your brake are grinding, squeaking or squealing. Read More

Give your A/C a deep clean – A/C Refresher Service $129.95

Did you know your A/C runs more in the winter? Whilst defrosting your car, the A/C pumps out hot air and along with it the allergens, pollen and mold in the system from the previous season. Read More

Lifetime Battery Guarantee – $14.95

When you start your vehicle, your 12-volt vehicle battery sends power to the engine starter and triggers it to start. Depending on your driving habits and weather conditions the life of your battery may vary.

Your battery will degrade and lose some usable capacity over time to a point that your vehicle may not start. Regular inspection and servicing are important to maintain the life of your battery, and to avoid battery failure. Read More

Lifetime Brake Pads Guarantee – $9.95

When you press the brake pedal, the friction material on the brake pad is pushed against the discs to create resistance in the rotation of the discs, forcing the wheels and tires to slow or stop the vehicle.

Every time the brakes are used, a small portion of material or “lining” is worn off. Eventually, the thickness of the material will begin to wear down, requiring replacement. Read More

Meet Our Service Team

Chris Tayler

Parts & Service Manager

Chris was born in Liverpool, New York and moved to Ottawa in 1998. In his spare time, Chris likes to work on his Z32, go out on the lakes surrounding the Ottawa valley and spending time with his family. Chris believes that R34 Skyline GTR is the best car ever built. Chris is a dual citizen and prefers to spend his days on this side of the border these days.

Bradley Dudley

Parts & Service Advisor

Bradley loves Ottawa's wildlife and hiking trails. In his spare time, Brad likes to hike, long walks on the beach (weather dependent), gardening and most recently quarantine-ing. The 1989 Porsche 911 is his must-drive car, even if it for one day. Brad has visited multiple countries in Europe and will get back into travelling as soon as it is safe.

Basil Bielawski

Automotive Technician

Basil would like to get his hands on a 1970 Camaro Z28 - a car he has always liked and wanted. Here's an interesting fact about Basil - he owns too many vehicles. He enjoys welding and creates pieces with spare metal - he made a Minion from an exhaust pipe. Basil spends his spare time with his daughter and working on home improvement projects. A drive along the Canal is still his favourite thing to do in Ottawa

Colin Henley-Vachon


Colin has been working in the Automotive Trade since he was 16. He was born and raised in Ottawa and enjoys the wildlife in the valley. In his spare time Colin likes working on cars, doing in-depth research for his next vehicle and spending time with his family and friends. He would like to get behind the wheels of Travis Pastrana's Subaru WRX STI. 2.3L flat-four with 50 pounds of boost! (Gymkhana 11)

Jacob Christopher


Jacob moved to Ottawa in 2009 from North Carolina, USA and spends most of his outdoor time exploring new parts of the city. In his spare time, Jacob plays video games, finds new ways to make money and fixes cars to stay sharp and informed. If he could choose any car to drive for one day it would be the Koenigsegg One:1 - the only car in the world with the same weight as it has power. Jacob is fluent in Spanish.

Chad Leger

Lot attendant

Chad loves that Ottawa offers concerts and hockey games. He is also a big UFC fan and has attended multiple events. In his spare time, Chad likes to play video games and watch football - a Philadelphia Eagles fan. His must-drive car is the 69 Dodge Charger - he likes old school cars.

Arthur Lima


Arthur would like to be behind the wheels of a Pagani or a Koenigsegg - both pinnacles of design and engineering. In his spare time, Arthur plays racing stimulations, works on his car and activities that get him out of the house. He likes visiting small towns around and exploring new spots within his home city of Ottawa. He speaks Portuguese (BR) fluently. To quote Arthur, he is a man of few words and many hidden talents.

Zoe Constantinou


Zoe has lived in Ottawa for 18 years. She is fluent in English and French. Her must-drive car is any make/model that is European.

Here's what customers are saying about us

"The entire process was amazing! Starting with the call to make the appointment which was quick and easy, to the incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff. I went in for a tire alignment which was the BEST price I found, was in and out in less than an hour! Comfortable waiting area with lots of outlets and even a table top for working on. Would absolutely recommend these guys!!" -Nikita Seguin

"Service is a 10/10 Chris and his team are one of the best in the city. Highly recommend them" - Thomas O

"great place to get your car detailed , Chris and team are very customer focused. They go over and above to make sure you are completely satisfied with the service and experience." - John Mayo